Rapid growth in the vegetable department!

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The veg in the poly tunnel is doing really well this year. Lots of heat and lots of watering. This is the first time we have grown mange tout in there and it is a huge success as we have been eating them for a few weeks. We have a second sowing of them in there starting to crop now as well. Also growing in the poly tunnel are a third sowing of salad leaves – the first two crops have  already been eaten by us and i am about to sow a fourth. The climbing beans have masses of flowers on them, so we should be harvesting the results soon, and we have broad beans in there that have been smothered with flowers. The scent from them is very pleasant and the bumble bees love them, so we should have a good crop of beans. We are also growing cherry tomatoes, beetroot, carrots and parsnips in the tunnel. Four big pots of strawberry plants have given us a tasty crop of early fruit but they are almost ready to be moved outside.


Around the tunnel we have three raised beds filled with potatoes, two more sowings of mange tout, onions, beetroot, carrots, parsnips, leeks, some borage plants (for the bees), brassicas (under the green net to keep the dreaded white butterflies off the plants) and a small area of one bed that I have sown with  seeds to provide me with cut flowers later in the season. We also grow sweet peas along the edges of one of the raised beds, strawberry plants in pots along one side of the tunnel, three huge pots of early potatoes and an old barrel with carrots growing in it.

There is also a large fruit cage enclosing strawberries, raspberries, black currants, red currants, gooseberries, blue berries, a Morello cherry tree and two plum trees. Outside of that we have four apple trees and a pear tree. 

We enjoy propagating other things by seed and/or cuttings. Currently we have a tray full of pots of young Delphinium plants, another tray of Iris Sibirica plants that have been grown from seed, lots of pots of young candelabra primulas all grown from seed, a pot full of Arisaema seedlings, another pot full of Trillium seedlings and another full of Aquilegias, two trays full of young oak trees (nearly 50!) all grown from acorns gathered in a particular location The latter are destined for a new woodland trail being created a few miles from us.