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Cpl. Robert Holliday

Cpl. Robert Holliday


A dear brother of my maternal grandmother. Robert died in 1916, as a result of his wounds.

Robert’s school record shows that he was often in trouble. He obviously found it difficult to concentrate in class and is frequently recorded as being a distraction to others. On one November day, he is recorded as having been cautioned in school about his behaviour, ” He has repeatedly laughed out today and is extremely giddy.”  On another occasion ..” R. Holliday was again warned – is very rough and insubordinate & flogging seems to have no effect.” Today, we would look far more closely at the reasons for his behaviour and, hopefully, offer specific learning assistance for him.

His absences from school, more often in the late autumn/early winter months, are usually recorded as him being required to be at home ‘.. helping his mother’  or ‘ absent without cause’. As my great grandfather was a gamekeeper and there would be large shoots to organise on the estate at that time of year, it could be that Robert was at home to help his mother organise food and refreshments for the beaters, and others, who came to work on these occasions. Practical tasks, which I feel he would have been very good at. At other times, perhaps helping his father or just playing truant. We will never know. School obviously presented many difficulties for him. When he left school, he joined his father, on the Coupland Estate, to work as a gamekeeper.

I can remember my grandmother saying that Robert was a practical boy and always wanted to be helping around the house or out with his father.