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This is a better photo of the copper mine cushion, shown in my previous blog, and a new cushion just completed for myself. The latter is my interpretation of a photo (one of many!) I took of this wonderful Iron Age house that has been reconstructed at Bostadh, Great Bernera, Isle of Lewis. After a storm, in 1993, a settlement was exposed in the sand dunes on the right of the cushion.

This location is one of our favourite places to visit and during the summer (open during weekday afternoons) there is a lovely lady there who gives you a fascinating insight into what we imagine the lives of the people who lived in such houses would have been like. We have been fortunate in that each time we have visited it has been a gloriously sunny day (often quite windy and cool!) and the sea has been an incredible palette of blues. On this particular visit there was a bank of cloud on the horizon but the islands had clear blue sky.