Isle of Harris golf

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The Isle of Harris Golf Club, at Scarista, has to be in one of the most stunning locations in the UK. And on a day like last Tuesday it was perfect – glorious sunshine, very warm, hardly a breeze to even ruffle the flags and very quiet. Husband thoroughly enjoyed playing 18 holes and the dogs and I just sat, enjoying the views and chatted to a local worker who was upset that he had taken his clubs out of his van that morning because he normally carries them with him just in case! When two of his pals, having escaped from their work, arrived to play a few holes he was even more upset about the lack of clubs. Lovely friendly people.

On all our previous visits the flag poles have been at angles of 45 degrees, the wind was so strong, and you had visions of your ball being blown in totally the opposite direction that you had hit it!  The sun has always been shining but invariably the rollers have been pounding on to shore quite spectacularly! On Tuesday they just rolled in gently.