Another nature walk – down the hill

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More wild flowers, including a dark red vetch, the colour of which i have not seen before. The Elderflower blossom is just coming out on the trees and the Hawthorn blossom, seen almost always along hedgerows is spectacular this year.


Another nature walk – up the hill

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Very warm walk yesterday – uphill as well. Fresh green of the ferns (not bracken!) with an expanse of golden Broom still flowering in the distance. Tiny flowers along the edge of the dry, stone track.


A nature walk

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The countryside is so very green right now and certainly benefitted from the rain we had a few days ago. I am always looking out for wild flowers, birds, insects, butterflies on our walks but this particularly day was a bonus. The fir trees first caught my eye – on the first one, the new growth looked just like candles with a tiny red light glowing at the tip; the second one seemed almost to have tiny pineapples growing on it; the  new cones growing on the third one reminded me of coconut pyramids that you used to see in cake shops!

The flowers seemed to be especially colourful; – the deep blue of the Speedwells; the citrus yellow of the Lady’s Bedstraw and the golden yellow of the Broom; the delicate white flowers of the Stitchwort; a tiny white flowered Vetch – never seen that one before; golden Buttercups; delicate pinkish lilac colour of Lady’s Smock; the  purples of Bush Vetch and a variant white version growing with it – never seen this one before; finally the most vivid Red Campion that I have ever seen – a glorious colour.


Morning and evening

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A very warm day and the dappled sunlight through the trees was beautiful and so calming. A tranquil end to the morning walk.

Followed by a stunning sunset viewed from my armchair – 8.55p.m. and 9.55p.m. 


Something completely different

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Contrary to the popular belief of many who know me, my life is not just filled with walking, gardening, dogs, embroidery, sewing and all the other ‘crafty’ interests that I pursue. Researching family history – my own and that of others – combined with interests in most other aspects of ‘history’ and a love of books and their contents, and then sharing the discoveries with others through the written word, is very much to the forefront of my everyday life. I feel very privileged to be able to volunteer, and have access to the wonderful collection of books, at the Library of Innerpeffray and be able to carry out research on former borrowers, using the Borrowers Register (1747-1968), and on individual books. These are just a few of the books that have featured in recent projects or will feature in two projects which I am currently researching.

Garden colour

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Brightening up the first ‘grey’ morning for ages.

Daily exercise

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We have become very attached to these views and how they alter, depending on the time of year and day. Weeks of fine weather and lots of sunshine have been an added bonus on our daily walks, even if the blue sky gives a slightly false impression of how cold it was at times!

There have been some spectacular sunsets recently and this was one of the most spectacular.