More butterflies

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And still the butterflies come to the garden in large numbers! After the Painted Lady invasion of a couple of weeks ago, this week we have had many Small Tortoiseshell butterflies and a few Peacock butterflies.

Out on a walk on Thursday we came across a group of Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries (I think this is what they were but find them difficult to distinguish!) on some thistles. We have not seen any Fritillaries for a few years.

The lovely poppy in our garden was being visited today by numerous of these dainty Marmalade Hover Flies. Don’t you just love the name? We see a great many of these in our garden.

Painted Ladies

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Our garden has been invaded by Painted Lady butterflies this week. Masses and masses of them. At one point I counted 21 of them on this one shrub. The scent from the flowers was very powerful in the heat, even early morning, and this must have been the attraction. They were joined by numerous Small Tortoiseshell butterflies later in the day.