Moths galore

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Our newly constructed moth trap has been tried out a couple of times over that past week and here are just a select few of the ‘captives’. I hasten to add that all the moths found in the trap were carefully released, after photographing them, into the vegetation over several parts of the garden. I have been delighted with the results so far but not satisfied with the photography of them as yet. The moths are not good at keeping still!!

Now just have to set about trying to identify them all. Not an easy task, as there are either so many variations in colouring of the same moth or very slight differences in colour and marking of the same group of moths. At least it was easy to name the Garden Tiger and the Swallow-tailed Moth! The orange striped one in the middle must be tasty to something, as it appeared to have had a chunk bitten out of one of its wings!

Garden colour

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Playing with different lenses on my camera. Discovered the ‘heart’ in the pond!

A blur of bees!

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What a day! Warm and the bees – Bumbles and Honey – have been busy in the garden. The beautiful blue Eryngiums were the main attraction today. The bees were almost frenetic in their quest for nectar and pollen (some looking like gold dust!) and it was really difficult to photograph them because they were never still. Always on the move from tiny flower to tiny flower. The title should really be a ‘blue blur of bees!’ I actually quite like the blurred effect of the bees and the flowers – and that stunning blue colour. The honey bees were busy drinking at our pond today as well.