Stale mate!

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Another drive over the ‘roof of Perthshire’. Amazing light as we were driving uphill and looking towards the mountains, and Glen Lyon, to the north west. Coming down into Glen Quaich the sunlight broke through the clouds and cast a different light over the landscape. We never tire of the views on this journey. Sadly, still very, very few grouse to be seen or heard on the highest ground, compared to two years ago when they were absolutely everywhere.

As we drove along Glen Quaich look what appeared over the brow of a hill. They were definitely on a mission, heading purposefully up the glen, but refused to come past the car – and we had nowhere else to go at that point to get out of their way. So there was a general impasse until the shepherd, on his quad bike, zoomed up behind them and encouraged them onwards. I love sheep – such wonderful faces – even if they can be absolutely stupid at times. We expect that they were heading for the huge, lambing sheds that we had passed about half a mile back along the road.

Much burning of small patches of heather  across much of the moorland around highland Perthshire at the moment. This is done to encourage new growth on certain areas of  moorland heather but not where there is peat bog habitat.  These fires are carefully controlled by those in charge of them. We are used to seeing it frequently at this time of year but not often silhouetted on the skyline as these fires were.

Stitches at Innerpeffray

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‘Women in the library’ panel finished. Taken longer than we anticipated for some folks to complete (or not!) their little panel and so I ended up doing nine of them! However, all small panels are now sewn together and the finished panel is now on display in the library. The lady in the large portrait was a great benefactor to the library and I was inspired by the work of Sue Stone to tackle the portrait in this style. A first time for me to use this method and I am really pleased with the way it has turned out.