Winter has arrived

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A really wonderful day of glorious sunshine, severe frost and crisp, clear air. Dog walking was a real pleasure and, in places, we enjoyed the warmth of the sun on our backs while our faces froze as we enjoyed the view towards the hills. Snow had frozen on the seeds heads along the field edge. I loved the way the shadows of the trees curved up the slope in one of the fields we crossed.

This Holly tree is still laden with berries. Obviously not tasty enough for the birds to eat!

Sunday afternoon in my workroom

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Another glorious day but a cold, stiff wind from the N.E.. A day of jobs and dog walk. The latter was wonderfully refreshing. Blew any cobwebs away!

In my workroom now and watching the sunlight on the hills to the N.W. of us, just before the sun dips below the horizon to the S.W.. Working on my last lady, Maria Charlesia, for the ‘Women’ panel for the Innerpeffray project.

First signs of Spring?

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Yesterday was a day of high cloud, with a few glimpses of blue sky and sunshine, and a bit chilly but a good day for walking. These are the first Snowdrops that I have seen this year that are actually ‘in flower’. Lots and lots of others showing white buds – around the countryside and in our garden – but none opening up just yet. So yesterday’s sight cheered me up considerably.

Unfortunately, these beautiful little flowers could be in for a shock if the weather is anything like last year, when Winter really arrived in February and March! No snow on the local hills so the game  keepers are taking the opportunity to burn patches of heather to encourage good spring growth.

Frosty walk

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A day of clear sky, sunshine and freezing temperatures. Minus 6C when we went out for our dog walk today. Wrapped up warm though and thoroughly enjoyed being out in the fresh air. Dogs had a god time too. Fir cones showing signs of having been eaten by squirrels, hopefully the red ones we know are around that location, were scattered on the ground at one spot just off the track. Many oak leaves, on the track, were adorned with frosty crystals.

In the garden some of our beautiful Christmas roses were looking very cold and forlorn.

Another project completed

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A sneak preview of part of the latest project, completed yesterday. A quilt/play mat/something to treasure. New baby due next month is to be the recipient.