Christmas Eve walk

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It has been a gloriously sunny but very frosty day. Today’s dog walk was at Innerpefrray. Frosty ground, clear blue sky, planes heading west one after the other, after the other, and frozen drips on the field gate. Fabulous views to Crieff and the hills beyond. Back home to a garden where the frost has never ‘given’ over the majority of it, and a wonderful view of the golden light on the hills as the sun was setting. I just love winter days like this.

Current projects

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Busy with yet another quilt. This time for baby due in February. Knitting cardigans and jumpers for the one that arrived in November and for February. As this is the third quilt in just over a year, I hope the baby rush eases off for a while!

The elegant lady (illustration from ‘Historie of the Netherlands’, 1627) is my next embroidery project. Presently choosing fabrics and threads for her wonderful clothes. When finished it will be part of the “Women” panel for the Innerpeffray “Stitch in Time” project.