Golfing day!

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Blue sky, blue sea. Warm sunshine. The type of weather we always hope for and a golfing day planned for hubby. Unfortunately, having got the clubs out of the car and poised for action, we noticed a very flat tyre. Change of plan! Blow up tyre and drive very carefully back to Tarbert for repairs. A nail the culprit.

The golf was abandoned and we drove to our favourite lunching venue instead. We took the dogs for a short walk on the tidal flats, as the tide was coming in very quickly, before a final look at the golf course for this trip and then we headed home before this next fierce looking squall arrived.

Brilliant holiday. Very relaxing and very enjoyable. Despite what the weather threw at us at times. At least we had a very comfortable abode from which to watch the worst of the weather pass by.

A squall passes

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All in an afternoon! Rainbows and a pot of gold perhaps? Then some seriously wild, squally weather blows in from the Atlantic before it clears up and calms down again, even if there are still a few spots of rain hitting the camera lens.

Mangersta coastline

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A new visitor centre that will provide information about the islands of St Kilda is to be built in this location on Lewis. On a clear day, you can see the islands of St Kilda far out on the horizon. We had a fleeting glimpse, with the naked eye and through binoculars, before the weather enveloped them. The site has been chosen because the coastline in this location mimics the cliffs and stacks of the islands and it is one of the best places to actually get a view of St Kilda from Lewis. The geology was quite interesting as well.

All the colours of the rainbow!

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Well, almost all the colours of the rainbow! There are many variations on the colour markings applied to the sheep. This is done so that the crofters can recognise their own flock when all the animals are out together on the common grazings. It is quite fun to see how many different colours you can spot in a day. Red is missing from this day simply because we couldn’t stop the car in a suitable place to photograph those sheep.

I just love the colours in the fleece of sheep in the first photo. The orange identification marking on the back of the neck blends in so well with the rest of the fleece. Wonderful mixture of colours for a tweed. A fine looking sheep.

Inspiration for tweed

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The more we visit the Outer Hebrides the more we see how the colours in the landscapes influence those in the Harris Tweeds that are woven there. A simple view provides so many colour combinations and transports you to times past.

The long, narrow fields that are fenced off for each croft, with the greens of field and roadside against the blue of the sky and the greys of the billowing clouds. The blue and green, and a hint of red, of the long abandoned coach, slowly rusting away in a field that is taking on autumnal tints.

The boat builder’s shed, where traditional boats have been hand built for years and years. Such a mix of soft colours against the browning bracken.

A deserted house with a corrugated iron roof that is slowly rusting away and ferns growing in the stonework. Look closer and you see wonderful patterns on the rusting iron; stonework stained by water dripping from the roof and the assault of wild weather; discoloured glass that almost mirrors the colours of the sea; lush green ferns, growing in the damp cracks of the stonework, bring a stark contrast of bright colour against dark.

Lazy beds and hay stooks ┬átransport us back to a time when the croft was worked by hand. The scythe rests against a boulder, its job done for this year. The traditional wooden rake waits on the ground to be used to gather the last bits of hay. The netted hay dries on the stooks – hopefully – but rather late in the season for it to be of good quality. All the different shades of green blending together to enhance the pattern made by the lazy beds.

Hebridean seascapes

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Just back from two weeks on Harris and Lewis. Some very interesting weather experiences, starting with a ferry crossing that was rather ‘boisterous’! The weather can change so quickly from one minute to the next, one hour to the next and one day to the next. The changing colour of the sea never ceases to amaze us.

Here we go from Scarista, South Harris, late afternoon (not a black and white photo or using any filters), to Luskentyre – 3 photos within five minutes- and then to a favourite beach near Ness, north Lewis, and finally to the Butt of Lewis.

Insect of the day!

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A new discovery for me. A Red-legged Shieldbug wandering around the Borage. It is amazing how many different Bumble bees, honey bees and other insects are drawn to this plant. Apparently this creature likes to feed on oak, alder, apple and cherry trees, amongst others. Numerous oaks across the road from us but no alder. Now a tad worried about the apple and cherry trees in our garden!

Keeping time.

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Another commission, another clock. Customer absolutely delighted with it. Every one is different and made especially to the individual’s requirements. I have to say that I really loved this one and was a tad reluctant to part with it. It hung on my work room wall for some time – just to make sure the clock mechanism functioned properly! – before it was sent off to its new home.