Busy bees!

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A lovely warm summer Saturday and our honey bees were busy on the Borage. The occasional bumble bee dropped by as well. Just had my ordinary little camera to hand, so not the best quality photos, but I am quite amazed how many silky hairs show up on the Borage plants. The longer fine ones are obviously silky dog hairs and we certainly have a mass of these around the place! The honey bees were very calm today and totally unconcerned about my close proximity. Perhaps because I was quite relaxed about them too.

Yorkshire peace/piece!

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Just back from a few days visiting friends in Yorkshire. Lovely weather but a bit warm and humid on some days. Beautiful daytime and evening walks around the farm with the dogs and two of our ‘honorary grandchildren’. So lovely to be able to spend some quality time with the latter. Although they all live only five minutes from a busy town their farm is so peaceful and quiet that you could be in the middle of nowhere. We love it there and our dogs do too. Birdsong, blackberries in abundance this year (we picked several pounds to bring home!), chickens contentedly clucking (and not being chased by junior dog this time around!!), cows wandering the fields and the wind turbine busily humming away (sometimes!!).

A visit to the newly refurbished, and quite magnificent, Piece Hall was on our list. The last time we saw it, it was looking quite sad and in need of some serious tlc. Now looking very smart and being enjoyed by lots of families whilst we were there. However, we wondered why on earth, and at a cost of £19 million,  the local Council had commissioned the use of very expensive stone setts, consisting of Pennant Sandstone from the Forest of Dean, Portuguese Granite and Carlow Irish Blue Limestone, instead of beautiful Yorkshire stone, to refurbish the whole of the central area that was once covered with Yorkshire stone setts. A beautiful piece of workmanship but the overall grey colour looks totally alien against the glorious golden stonework of the old building.

Wildlife week

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Out and about with flying things. Walking on the moors near Rannoch there were Scotch Argus butterflies everywhere.

Shown here – Rosy Rustic, Sallow, July High Flier and Antler Moth – identified at the Moth Event I organised at Innerpeffray in conjunction with Butterfly Conservation. Overnight conditions were much cooler than of late so we were unsure if there would be any moths in the overnight trap. However, we were delighted to record 16 different ones and everyone there was very enthusiastic. Hubby is now going to make a moth trap!

Noticed numerous ‘hover flies’ (I think!) feeding on the onion flower heads in our veg garden. In close up I then realised how beautiful these ‘flower heads’ actually are. Hundreds of tiny individual flowers.

Our pond has water boatmen dotting about all over the surface of the water. They are extremely active ‘walkers on water’.

Latest project

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I have been the lucky owner of a copy of ‘From The Land Comes The Cloth’, Ian Lawson’s wonderful book, for several years but have never had anywhere that we felt we could leave it out to look at each day. It is a very large book! Full of amazing and inspiring photographs. Now I have a suitable space in my work room (not on my work table, as seen here!) I decided that it needed a shaped ‘book cushion’ on which to sit comfortably and to protect the spine of the book. So what better to make the cushion with than Harris Tweed. Lined and filled with polystyrene balls the cushion shape can be altered to fit the size of the book.

The book has inspired me to look at the landscape and the cloth and experiment with some photos of my own, three of which are here. A good excuse to purchase the cloth to take the photos!!