A Stitch in Time

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Just completed the sewing together of the second panel for our “A Stitch in Time’ project at Innerpeffray Library.The ‘Alphabet’ panel is being much admired and the second panel will be going on display in the library by the end of this week. The jolly stitchers are already busy with the third panel which will be all about ‘Women in the library’.

Seona and I are about to begin stitching the fourth panel and just the two of us will work that, as it is going to be quite challenging. This will be the ‘Borrowers Register’ panel – just one large piece of fabric and lots of dates, names, books borrowed etc etc between 1747 to 1968, when the library ceased to lend books and became a ‘museum’.

It is great to have new stitchers, who are complete novices and learning as they sew, joining the contributors

Unlikely visitor

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Yesterday, junior dog mistook this Dark Green Fritillary butterfly for a leaf. She likes to play with leaves, especially Holly leaves! Fortunately, its movement frightened her and I managed to gather it up before she made a grab for it. I have never seen one of these butterflies before and the underwing colouring was amazing. The poor thing was looking rather bedraggled Р adults appear in mid-June and last until September Рso it had already had a hard life but on release it flew off strongly.

It is more often found along coastal areas, amongst dunes and cliff tops with flower rich scrub land, but “do occasionally stray from their usual habitats and turn up in the most unexpected places”.(Collins – How to identify butterflies). It is, apparently, a sun lover, so this wonderful summer we are having has no doubt persuaded this one to go exploring inland!

Cooling off

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This incredibly warm weather is too much for fluffy dogs. And for their owners!! We have resorted to shortish walks to the river and then much splashing about in the cool water for the three of them. The two youngsters just can not be persuaded to swim at all, where as the ‘golden oldie’ would swim all day if you let her. However, these days we feel happier if she is attached to one of us when she enters the water. The youngsters just race around, back and forward, in the edge of the river.

However, she was unattached on Tuesday when hubby took them to the river, whilst I was volunteering at the library, and when he turned around, to make sure that she was following him, she had disappeared. Slight panic set in, as there are very steep drops down to the river, and much deeper pools, ¬†everywhere else but where we take them to. He found her back along the river, happily swimming around and around in a big deep pool. Only problem was how to get down to her and then how was he going to get her back up. How she got down in the first place, we don’t know, but think she must have slid down the bank. Hubby had a heck of a struggle to get her, and him, back up to the top. He got very wet in the process!

This morning she made a bee line for the same spot and would have been down there again if she had not been firmly attached to me.