Holiday fun

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I’ll let these youngsters do all the running around!
Harris beaches – perfect for racing!
I just love sand wriggling!
Nothing like a good wriggle on the sand.
Us oldies can enjoy more sedate fun!
A very happy dog.
More races
Happy dog.
The energy of youth.
Back to the start line?
running on water!!
I am going to win this race!

Harris 6

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More sea, light changes. More sand, dogs ready for fun. Icing on the cake! Beautiful Huisinis.

Accommodation and ferry booked already for another visit later in the year. Just love it all. Even in the rain.

Harris 5

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When I look at the sea in the Outer Hebrides it makes me wonder just how many shades of blue you would require to describe it all. The colours change so frequently, depending on time of day, colour of sky, amount of cloud and so on. I just never tire of photographing it.

This little beach, in north Lewis, is a favourite of ours. The cliffs on the south side are a favoured spot for nesting sea birds. I watched, fascinated, as a pair of birds decided on their nesting ledge. Each one swooping back and forth in turns, whilst the other perched on the ledge. Then they both finally approved and sat down to nuzzle beaks and nod heads. Obviously a good sign of things to come! All of them on these cliffs had chosen ‘a room with a view’ and the pretty decor of primroses (an excellent year for them, with banks and banks of yellow flowers everywhere you looked).

Loved the old, cast iron bath, to be used as a water trough for animals. These long, narrow fields, all with the same type of post and wire fencing, can be seen in many places where there is grazing ground, mainly for sheep.

Evening at Traigh Losgaintir. A majestic view in either direction. So many camper vans everywhere you go! Good job we know where to find the quiet places.

Harris 4

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Another abandoned house that was once a home. Typical of so many such buildings in the Western Isles – the forlorn remains of what was once a family home give the imagination something to work on. Who slept on that bed? Whose boot stands on the old cupboard? Who sat at the table?

Harris 3

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St Clement’s Church, Rodel, is a must place to visit. So atmospheric and some wonderful carvings. Often referred to as ‘the grandest medieval building in the Western Isles’. There were banks of primroses all over the church grounds and some very interesting grave stones.

The Anchorage restaurant, Leverburgh, is another must visit place. Langoustines, and other fresh sea food, to savour. And the view south towards the Uists is pretty good too.

Then you just have to stop and photograph the most famous location in, perhaps, all of the Outer Hebrides. The colours of the sea never cease to amaze and there is a fine view of the mountains of north Harris. When the tide is out the huge expanse of sand in the bay is a wonderful place for humans to wander and dogs to have fun.

Harris 2

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What a difference a day makes. Light wind and very warm. The ‘Golden Road’ was the route for this day. Wonderful landscapes and seascapes and very blue. Some interesting rock formations, a field of former ‘lazy beds’, ‘rainbow’ sheep, one of many Massey Fergusson tractors (in use or otherwise) awaiting some attention, and tiny wild flowers. Oh, and a visit to the excellent Skoon Art Cafe.

Harris 1

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Home again after holidaying in the Outer Hebrides  -again! First day was wet, wet, wet and we never ventured over the doorstep. However, our accommodation had a huge conservatory on the front, which overlooked the harbour and across the Minch. Second day was very wet in the morning and so we visited Stornoway and went to the museum. Excellent exhibitions and it was special to see some of the Lewis Chessmen on display. The latter were difficult to photograph and it was a real disappointment that they had no postcards, or other information on them, available to purchase.

Returned via the west coast of Lewis and the day began to dry up quite quickly, so a walk on the beach was called for. Two of our party thought that races along the sand were more appropriate and what fun they had. A third member just kept wriggling on the sand and trying to escape into the sea, so had to be attached by a new, and very long, lead! There was a large flock of Dunlin and Ringed Plover feeding on the water line. And snoozing, standing on one leg. Or they all just had one leg!!

By evening the sky had cleared and the view from the conservatory was spectacular.


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A glorious day at Innerpeffray Library – me on duty and hubby taking a walk along the banks of the Earn.

Two days – two walks

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Two walks – two days. Dog races out on the moors. Australian relatives enjoying a walk with us on the Perthshire moors on a beautiful (if somewhat fresh!!) May Saturday. Dogs had great fun!

Sunday by the River Earn. The heatwave finally reached Perthshire! A lovely, peaceful walk at Innerpeffray that took in the ruined castle, the banks of the river Earn, Perthshire lambs enjoying the warm sunshine and some panoramic views of fertile Strathearn.

What more could anyone ask for.