A wonderful beast – or three!

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We have just been so busy with work on the house that I don’t seem to have found time to take photos. The “Beast from the East’ kept the car on the drive for a few days and then the ‘mini beast’ followed at the weekend. So, so cold! However, it was such a glorious day on Monday – and the golf course was covered with snow – that we went for a drive instead. A break form all the work at home.

The air was so clear and not a cloud in the sky all day. You could see for miles and miles. The dogs had great fun on their walk, in fact the younger two seemed to spend all their time having ‘dog races’ back and forward between himself and myself. The shadow of a tall, thin tree trunk made a great finishing line! Needless to say, the ‘Hooligan’ won all the races, almost flying over the ‘finishing line’ each time. Fluffy came a close second, when she felt like a gallop, and Grumpy ignored them both and did her own thing at a more leisurely and explorative pace. We wrapped up warm and meandered along, marvelling at the views and the wonderful pinky red colour of the trees.