Snowy walk

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A lovely, cold, snowy day, perfect for a walk with the dogs. Road still a bit tricky to negotiate but 4×4 managed fine. Walked up through the woods and it was a ‘winter wonderland’ with the blue sky and the sun shining through the trees. Snow not too deep to begin with but then became much deeper and  very difficult for the humans to walk through. The two junior dogs raced around everywhere loving every minute of it and caring not a jot how deep the snow was.  The older one kept going on strike and sitting down because she had ‘golf balls’ of snow attached to the fur on her legs and she doesn’t like that at all. The view eastwards towards Crieff is always wonderful but even more so when it is snowy, and looking north west is just as spectacular.  The sun had gone off the road as we drove slowly downhill and we were pleased not to meet anyone coming up it!

Jack Frost’s magic!

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Out with the camera again. It was so cold that it was difficult to hold it still and I didn’t want to spend any longer than necessary outside setting up the tripod. Gone is the clear blue sky and the landscape white with thick frost. Fascinated by the ice crystal formations. Some of these look almost as if they were tiny spider webs frozen in time. Others are long spiky crystals. My favourite is the Sumach with that rich red colour and the tiny florets looking like sea anemones contrasted against the ‘spider web’ crystals.

The frost disappeared during the night and today is much milder and very grey.

Night sky

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1st January Super Moon! Fiddling around with the camera trying to capture a good photo of the moon which seemed to be much larger than usual. As I was taking the photo I noticed a hint of colour in the clouds. Downloaded the photo and adjusted various settings and came up with this that really shows up the rainbow colours in the clouds – most likely ice crystals.