Latest sewing project completed.

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Quilts (there is another much smaller, cot/pram one as well) parcelled up and being sent off to the daughter of a friend. This one is so big that it will last through babyhood and on into adulthood! It will also make a super- sized floor mat for baby to roll around on, crawl around on and generally play on in due course. Might even be used for picnics but it will hopefully adorn a bed for a while as well. Loved making it and machine quilting it on my own sewing machine.

A bit of a grey day!

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We took a drive to the west coast on Saturday and it rained all day – serious stuff at times! – until late afternoon when the sun finally made an appearance. The marinas down the coast were packed full of boats as it was not a day to be out sailing for pleasure. It was very windy at times as well. We saw only one yacht actually out at sea, with the sail and mast at a frightening angle in our inexperienced opinion!

We watched as one yacht came into the basin at Crinan via the sea lock and another much bigger one (the Pantagruel) entering from the canal. They must have been hardy souls on the one that had been at sea, as the weather was awful, with the rain being driven by the strong winds. We were sure they would be very glad to have reached the calmness of the basin and then the canal, as they entered the first lock that would take them on to the canal itself.

Timeless stitches

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Almost ready to begin to make up the panel of letters of the alphabet from our Stitches in Time project. These have all been stitched using designs from the woodblock printed letters in the old books at Innerpeffray library. All the stitchers have a free hand to interpret the design as they want to with the only limitation being the finished size.

Wonderful tapestries.

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Over the past two weeks I have visited two wonderful exhibitions. The first was in Crieff where the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry, all 306 panels, were on show. Unfortunately, no camera with me! if you ever get the opportunity to go and see this it has to be top of your list. The Scots settled all over the world, traded all over the world and the Diaspora records all of that. The individual panels were stitched all over the world and then brought together in Scotland. Look at the website for it and see for yourself. The design for each panel and the way that it has been interpreted in stitches is incredible for all to view and very inspiring for those of us who stitch.

This week I went to Alloa to see some of the 165 panels that make up the Great Scottish Tapestry. We know that this will eventually have a permanent home in Galashiels. All these photos are from this wonderful work. This tapestry concentrates on the history of Scotland from its emergence after the Ice Age until the present day. These photos (went prepared this time!) are just a few of my favourites from the visit, based on some my own interests. Unfortunately, half of the panels were displayed in quite a small space making it difficult to capture the whole panels except from an angle. Check out the website for this tapestry too.