New from ‘old’.

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A new quilt from an ‘old’ one! I started to make a patchwork quilt in 1978, after my first trip to Canada where I was inspired by all the wonderful old quilts that I saw. Every so often I would stitch various pieces that I thought would all eventually fit into my quilt. About four years ago I decided that it was time to do something with all the pieces and I ended up with two quilts – one big enough for a double bed and the other was more like a lap quilt. All the fabric used was spare fabric leftover from making clothes and other items during the intervening years, so there are many memories in these quilts.

Since moving house the colours of the large quilt no longer went with the new curtains I made for our bedroom. I had some curtain fabric leftover and decided to use the lap quilt as the centre piece of a new quilt that would fit the colour scheme. I bought the lovely fabrics for the surrounding panels and incorporated the curtain fabric into the four corners. I am quite chuffed with the overall effect and the result and it goes really well with the curtains. I even free motion quilted the outer panels with the flower shapes from the curtain fabric. Now just have to decide what I can do with the other quilt!!

Cluny House Garden

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We had a visit to Cluny House Garden this week – as beautiful as ever. Always on our list of places to visit several times each year but having missed out on those visits altogether in 2016 we were so pleased to return. Just a few photos of the stunning plants and added wildlife. The young Brown Hare was totally unfazed by the humans passing by and carried on with lunch, interrupted only by the need to scratch an itchy spot.

Best of all was the squirrel fix! We miss the daily visits of them to our garden. They are present around the area where we live now but not in such profusion and certainly not coming to our garden.

Alphabet project

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The latest project – using the woodblock letters from wonderful old books to create an alphabet panel as part of a long term project at my favourite library. Encouraging sewers and non-sewers to participate, the alphabet will be the first of eight or nine panels we plan to complete.

A great way to begin to copy a letter is to use freezer paper and trace the design on to it, as in letter B. Then you just stitch through the paper, following the design, and once you are finished carefully tear away all the paper. The cross stitch ones require careful planning, on graph paper, before you embroider them. These are my efforts so far.

Special event

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We were tempted even further south than Wales by an invitation to the wedding of the daughter of special friends. On the way we made a deviation to visit Chedworth Roman Villa to view the wonderful mosaic floors.

Then to locate the church and ‘log in’ with friends. We arrived in the midst of making corsages, sprays and bouquets, so another pair of hands, and suggestions, was welcomed. There was much laughter and the mother of the bride’s hands survived the poking and prodding of stalks, thorns and so on, as the special bouquet was arranged. The wedding was lovely and I even wore a hat – until it conveniently blew off as I walked from the church to the car. We joined the family again for a Sunday lunch of ‘left- Overs’ and then went off to explore some of the Cotswold countryside. We spent the Monday visiting more places. Burford, Minster Lovell, Tetbury and Minchinhampton were some of our favourites – those beautiful old buildings are stunning.

Another area we now plan to return to.

Green, green, grass

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First holiday in Wales. It really was the “Green, green, grass of ………”. We were amazed and delighted by the lush, green landscape of fields and trees – deciduous trees and not conifers! Beautiful GSWs and these much travelled ‘house builders’ kept us entertained. Wonderful accommodation and location – a place to return to again.


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Inspiration can come as a complete surprise, just when you are not expecting it. A little poem followed!


I found this feather

late yesterday,

discarded by a beautiful Jay;

the shimmering blue

amidst greensĀ and greys,

planting in my mind a seed,

of thoughts and ideas

and a favourite tweed.