Dainty skeletons!

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When I was cutting back some of the dead growth from last year I came across these dainty ‘skeletons’. Pretty sure that they are from a campanula but I will have to wait until later in the year, when the  plant begins to grow again, to see exactly what it is. I carefully gathered up some of them and then experimented with my camera and the light. One of the ‘bells’ still has the seed pod in it and you can see how it has burst open to allow the seeds to scatter.  I feel inspired to create a piece of embroidery but unsure, as yet, as to what form it will take.

Busy bees

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Last Sunday was a glorious day – sunny, warm and just a joy to be out in the garden. Our honey bees were also taking advantage of the warm sunshine and were gathering pollen from the masses of snowdrops, aconites and crocus that we have in this garden. You can see the yellow ‘ball’ of pollen on the back legs of the bees and on others it was bright orange. They were particularly active on the aconites.

Large clumps of Leucojeum vernum have appeared in several places along the borders. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these beautiful flowers, they are also known as ‘Spring snowflakes’. They grow considerably taller than snowdrops, with more robust and darker green leaves and the flowers look rather like waxy bells.  I love them and brought a small number with me from my previous garden but they are not in flower yet. One of the delights of moving to a new location, especially one with a well established garden, is waiting to see what comes up each month. There have been some delightful surprises so far.

Fields of pleasure

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A very dear friend has just been on a stained glass course and this is her wonderful result. I love her clever, overall design and the delicate addition of fine details such as the fence, the sheep and the flowers in the green field. And those trees on the horizon draw your eye upwards. The finished work is destined, I think, for the window in her shepherd’s hut.

The vintage ploughing match took place recently at the opposite end of the country, on a fine, warm-ish, Spring Sunday. There were many competitors and it was a fine sight to see all the old tractors and other equipment in action. Disappointed though that there was only one pair of horses working.

Brrrrrr its cold.

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Woke up to a white world this morning, which was a bit of a surprise. It continued to snow steadily all morning and then turned a bit damp, and exceedingly unpleasant, mid afternoon. Really raw and cold – not the best day for a new poly tunnel and fruit cage to be delivered. Hoping for a spell of better weather to get them both erected.

Never mind, the Christmas jigsaw is completed. Well almost! I think one of our four legged friends has helped herself to a bit because we can’t find it anywhere yet are sure we remember seeing it. Can you spot where it should be?

All in a day’s “work”.

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All in a day of volunteering. The snowdrops at the Library of Innerpeffray are really beginning to open up and the ground is a carpet of white drifts to brighten up a dullish day.

The bark on one of the big trees caught my eye – a tree of character.

And then there is the resident cock Pheasant. Such a beautiful bird but what a determined character he is. He persistently tried to get into the toilets yesterday! Was he desperate or just being nosey when the outer door was standing open? When you attempt to shoo him away he quietly chunters at you in “pheasant language” and makes no attempt to move off. Then when you go back inside the library he dashes forward to try to follow you in! On one of his grumpier days he will try to attack you and the other day he actually aimed a kick at the Keeper of the Books. She has his muddy footprint on her shopping bag as proof.

So it is not just the books that make this an interesting place.