Quirky curtains!

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Just finished making the curtains for my workroom. Wanted to create something really different and I am very pleased with the result. Used up some of my extensive store of Harris Tweed Р and now have an excuse to go out to the islands and purchase more!! Рand just made up the design on the cutting table as I opened up my boxes of tweed.

Really frosty this morning and a cloudless sky but has now clouded over a bit. Still, from my workroom window I can look across to the hills and they are bathed in sunlight. Bulbs popping up everywhere in the garden and there is going to be a splendid display of snowdrops. There are golden Aconites all over the borders – such cheery little flowers. Oh, and the rhubarb is sprouting!!

Sunshine yellow!

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Although it has now clouded over it has been the most gloriously sunny day. The bees have been really active and it was fascinating to just watch all their comings and goings at the hives. They were probably very happy to be receiving a boost of food from their keeper and a chance to have a good fly around in some warm sunshine. Some of them were busying themselves on a large clump of Hellebores niger flowers.

Just outside the back door I spotted these little ‘balls’ of sunshine yellow. Winter Aconites poking up through the soil. It is quite exciting to see how this garden is going to unfold during the year. There are bulbs coming up all over the borders and along the hedge bottoms and it will be a surprise to find out exactly what they all are. At least then I will have an idea of where to site all the rest of the plants and bulbs that we brought with us.

Garden visitors

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Very, very frosty this morning but as the sun rose the hills became golden. Wonderful sight.

Then I noticed that there was a small flock of birds in one of the trees in our garden. The really vivid reddish pink colour of one particular bird caught my eye. There were about ten Bullfinches, male and female, but none of the other males had such stunning colour. I bet he has the pick of all the ‘girls’ for a wife this Spring! They were obviously pecking at the buds on the branches and stayed for quite some time. The photos are not the best, as I took them through the window, not daring to step outdoors and frighten the birds away, but i had to attempt to capture that colour.