Curtains, curtains and more curtains!

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Woke up to a really hard frost this morning, then by mid morning it was turning cloudy, then the sun shone for a while early afternoon and then it turned so dark by 3.00p.m. A very strange day. Anyway, managed to finish the curtain for the hall window. I had forgotten just how long it takes to make curtains properly, all hand stitched expect for the tape at the top. This is a very special length of Breanish tweed and I am just about to finish the tie-back which I have edged with a plain turquoise to match one of the fine lines in the tweed. Carefully shaped the hem as well, to follow the line of the skirting on the staircase.

The Hare curtains were finished two days ago and will be going in the downstairs bathroom. The man in the house is currently installing a new shower tray and new sliding glass doors, so they will be hung when the work is completed.

Third set of curtains completed for a bedroom but they are draped over the bed at the moment. A certain strongman went to close the old curtains and managed to pull the curtain rail down!! A new one was obviously needed, so a trip to purchase one is required fairly quickly.

More busy, busy!

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Twee-d for two! Twee-d for two!

The sewing room is a hive of activity at the moment. Lots of lovely tea cosies, as well as more pussy cat and chicken doorstops. Next on the list – a nightie for a special little girl, some fun fabric book covers and then back to the tweed to make a new batch of draught excluders.

Almost overnight the weather has gone from clear skies, sunshine, bitterly cold and very, very frosty to ridiculously mild, dark grey and unpleasantly damp. Good job many of the folks up the hill behind us have all got their Christmas trees lit up in their windows to cheer everyone up.


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counting sheep! keeping warm! bottle wardrobe?

The sewing machine is in overdrive! A pile of orders to complete but I can easily make up more for the latecomers. Some lucky folks will have a novel way to warm their wine and others will have ‘sheep smelling of lavender’ (may be warmed or chilled!) to help them relax. Tweed tea cosies next on the list, followed by …………………