Innerpeffray afternoon

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View towards Crieff Chapel kirkyard

Another fascinating volunteer day at Innerpeffray. Very, very cold but glorious in the late afternoon sunshine.

Frosty days

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Frost7 Frosted fossils Frost6 Frost5 Frost4 Frost3 Frost2 Frost

In the middle of a High pressure system and experiencing gloriously sunny days and bitterly cold nights. The temperature never got about -5C today! It makes the plants and shrubs in the garden look quite magical.

Yorkshire weather!

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Snowy Friday

Spent a few days with friends in Yorkshire and this was the only time it wasn’t snowing, raining, torrential rain, severe gale! Spectacular view.


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grey, snowy morning first view of snow from this location


There has already been quite a covering of snow on the high tops for a while now but more fell last week and on a sunny morning (4th) we could see snow for the first time from the house. This morning there was a good covering and to a much lower level but it has remained a really murky, very cold with dampness in the air, day. Snow could be waiting for more!

A day for being indoors, most of the time, and making the Christmas cakes. I am about three weeks later making them this year but have been too busy with other things to get around to it until now.

Autumn glories

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Frosty morning daily visitor Autumn evening Autumn evening

The weather has been so wonderful for most of October, and now into November, that I think we have had one of the best Autumn display of colours for years. I call these photos “views from my window” – because that is what they are.

The first two are from this morning. We awoke to the first ‘serious’ frost and if there are a few more of these the leaves will drop very quickly from the trees – all over our front lawn! This bird seems to be a daily visitor – when he/she flies you can see distinctive greyish feathers that are normally hidden by the wings – and it is the only one that comes directly to our pond to drink. I think he/she must have been doing that for some time. This morning it seemed to have the deepest blue sheen to its feathers.

The next two were taken a couple of days ago, in the late afternoon, and the hillsides were glowing. They were the most wonderful mix of golden and green. We are very lucky to be able to sit in our arm chairs and enjoy that view.