Autumn leaves

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October rainbow Autumn colours Autumn colours Autumn colours Autumn colours

A day of blue sky and sunshine and then very dark sky and rain. The trees, bracken and other vegetation are really starting to take on their wonderful Autumn colours and if the weather forecast is correct, and it is to get colder towards the end of the week, we should see some spectacular colours and landscapes.

Todays walk was dry and quite warm when the sun shone. I love walking through the woods at this time of year but we also have some lovely Autumnal colours in and around our garden.

G-rainy Grouse!

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g-rainy grouse g-rainy grouse


A few years ago if we drove across these Perthshire moors you would see hardly any grouse. In fact, there was probably more chance of you seeing a bottle of Grouse than the feathered variety.

Over the past two or three years things have changed dramatically and we have seen more and more and more of them, whatever the time of year and weather conditions. Photos from previous blogs show some wonderful close ups on fine and glorious days but on Friday it was wet. Very, very wet! However, there were grouse everywhere and numerous large groups of them. This group were sauntering quite happily along the road and we stopped to watch them before they took flight. Photos taken through the windscreen but it was too unusual an opportunity to miss. And far too wet to get out of the car!

Autumn walk

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the day brightens Autumn 'landscape' Autumn colours bracken sweet chesnuts Perthshire landscape

A lovely walk this morning on a new route for us. Dogs so excited about new paths to explore that even the oldest one is dashing around with the youngsters, ahead of us, instead of bringing up the rear. It was a bit grey to begin with but the sun began to break through the clouds and the day had really brightened up by the time we were home again. The route wasn’t all as level as it looks on this bit of the track and we climbed up and down quite steeply at times. Feeling remarkably fit at the moment but the knees were complaining coming down the very steep part of the route!

There were lots of fungi, of all shapes, colours and sizes, but with only my ‘every day’ camera with me the scope for photography was limited. These large red ones attracted the dogs and us and there is are an amazing amount of things on this little “Autumn landscape”. The bracken is turning the most wonderful variation of colours and it was magical in the sunlight as the birch leaves ‘rained’ down on us in the gentle wind. Lots of beech mast on the ground and acorns too. So many sweet chestnut trees in this area, with their fruit yet to fall. We can’t remember when we saw so many of these trees anywhere. There are some massive ones, obviously very old, even lining the roadside in places. The area has such a wide variation of woodland types that it gives walking an extra pleasure not to be amongst conifers all the time.


End of September

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Evening light on the hills Spider's web Clever spider

A spider had woven its web across our back door and it looked amazing in the early morning light. What clever creatures they are, even if I don’t like the big ones! The strength of their web always amazes me, especially when they construct them on the wing mirrors of the car and they remain fixed there for mile after mile.

The view from our window on the last evening in September. Wonderful.

New garden delights.

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Autumn colours Poppy busy bee Bumble bee on colchicums poppies after a shower

Poppies are a favourite of mine, especially red ones. These are in our new garden and are such a vivid colour. I love the water droplets on the leaves – I took the photos on a very wet day. Surprised that they are flowering so late in the year but they bring an additional splash of colour to the autumn tints that are appearing on shrubs and trees.

Colchicums are also a favourite and I had numerous clumps of them in the previous garden. it was a delight to see some growing in the new garden and the bumble bee was obviously enjoying them too.

Back in action!

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Moved house!

It has been such a long time since I added to my blog but I hadn’t realised quite how long until now. In that time we have moved house and location. Not via hot air balloon but this one passed by at very close quarters on the first Saturday we were in our new home. Gave us a bit of a shock, as at one point it plummeted at great speed, and looked to be going to crash land, before firing up again and moving past at a very low level, obviously looking for a safe place to land.