Sharing breakfast?

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Breakfast! Leave some for me!

7.00a.m. this morning and there was one of our friendly little squirrels enjoying breakfast with one of the many Chaffinches checking to make sure that there is something left for her.

This squirrel (recognisable by its tail) ran off to hide when I went out to top up the feeders but then appeared again, almost at my feet, whilst I was still there. It appeared quite unafraid and sat up on its hind legs to look at me before sauntering off to watch from the herbaceous border. As soon as I was back indoors he/she returned to finish breakfast.

Wildcat squirrel!

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Eating sunflower seeds upside down! Little 'blondie'. 'Wildcat' squirrel! Red squirrel with 'wildcat' tail!

Typical damp day and the squirrels are back and forward to the feeders. ‘Wildcat” squirrel appeared for the first time on Thursday but didn’t want a photo taken! Today he/she has been very obliging, sitting quite happily on the squirrel box and helping him/herself to peanuts. His/her wonderful striped tail is very distinctive and unusual and reminds us of the tail of the Scottish Wildcat.

We have also had another ‘blondie’ visiting this morning. A smaller squirrel than our usual Blondie and with a very small tail which looks a bit raggy in the rain. He/she was feasting on the black sunflower seeds. This is the first time that we have seen any of our Red squirrel visitors feeding upside down on these seeds. They regularly do that on the peanut feeders but prefer to either sit on the peanut feeder and reach across for the sunflower seeds or sit on the sunflower feeder itself to eat them.

Four generations

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MumGrandmaGreat grandma 4th generation

When you are going to move house there is a great deal of ‘sorting out’ to do and it is amazing just what you find. I thought I had lost most of the family photos but discovered a box full of slides. Modern technology allowed me to transfer those photos to my computer and here we have four generations of the same family. The 4th generation photo was taken circa 1959, on Rannoch Moor!

Capture that bird!

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Family outing on Point! Arctic Tern with a sand eel, Butt of Lewis. Arctic Tern, Butt of Lewis. Oyster Catchers, Butt of Lewis. Two's company. Fulmars on Tolastadh cliffs. Colourful nesting location for Fulmars on one of the stacks at Butt of Lewis. Arctic Tern, Butt of Lewis.

Just got around to downloading the last of the photos from our visit to Lewis at the end of May. Trying to ‘capture’ birds with the camera just hand held is a tricky business. Numerous out of focus results but we reckon these are quite good. The Tern with a sand eel in its beak was an added bonus.

Playful pals

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Mischief in the making. Just look at those midges!

I dare you! I can jump higher than you! Now what shall we do next? Life is such fun on a summer day.

When pals get together life is so much more fun. Especially when the dreaded midges are being gathered up by the magic machine and don’t bother us! Bedraggled toy ‘ Monkey Punky’ has now lost its legs but is still the favourite for a good game of tug-of-war or catch me if you can.

Life and death

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Life and death.

This ‘white’ peony is one of my favourites – so delicately pink on the outer petals when in full bloom and then a deeper pink in the centre as it dies. The transformation of the flower fascinates me, as it seems to take on a completely ‘new life and identity’ in death. The smooth edged, rounded petals disappear and the whole appearance becomes ragged and wild. Love it.

A Reminder

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Poppies are so beautiful and a favourite in my garden. This one, as it begins to wither, still holds its beauty and reminds us, at this particular time, of all those brave and courageous soldiers, from whatever country, who lost their lives in the Battle of the Somme, 1916. May they all never be forgotten.