Thirsty bees

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Swimmer bee! Thirst frenzy Making honey is thirsty work.

Our bees discovered this drinking source yesterday and have spread the message to others in the hives. They have been active there all day but there was a sudden frenzy of drinking activity early this evening. Fascinating to watch and they all do a specific ‘dance’ before they depart. The swimmer managed to reach dry land and buzzed off back to the hive.

Latest creations

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Harris Tweed cross shoulder bag Harris Tweed bag Breanish Tweed Breanish Tweed cross shoulder bag.

All my designs are unique, in that I only ever make one in those exact colours. If you come across another one the same then you know that someone has copied my design! The purples/pink Harris Tweed shoulder bag is a recent commission. The Harris Tweed blue/red bag (27cm x 26cm x 5cm) can be a shoulder or hand bag.

The Breanish Tweed used for the cross shoulder bag (30cm x 30cm x 5cm), and for the picnic mats, is water repellent. Perfect for country activities.


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View through the kitchen window of regular visitor Red Squirrel ‘Blondie’. So named because of his/her very blonde tail.

Wild life

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Greater Spotted Woodpecker Honey bee Wild animal!Squirrell 'blonde tail'


Been too busy to do much blogging recently but here are some of our garden ‘wild life’. The Red Squirrels have been absent for a couple of months but are back. This photo of one of them was taken through the kitchen window this morning and it is easily recognisable as one of our ‘regulars’ by its blonde tail.

The Greater Spotted Woodpeckers are all year round visitors to our feeders but are very active at the moment and often accompanied by youngsters. This one was at the feeder outside the kitchen window yesterday morning and the way the sunlight caught its rear end made it look as though its bum was on fire!

Husband’s honey bees are very active on the Alliums at the moment and this was a not very successful effort, on my part, to photograph them. They won’t keep still!

The other four-legged ‘wildlife’ had just hurled herself onto the ground and was in mid wriggle before dashing off again after her pals to create yet more havoc. If you look carefully at the photo you will see all the midges hovering above her!!