Door essentials!

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Just completed a whole batch of ‘quirky’ draft excluders for Sula furnishing.

A mixed week!

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DSC02279 DSC02281 IMG_0817 IMG_4741 P1000212 P1000213 DSC_2759 DSC_2741 DSC_1628

Serious snowfall last weekend turned everywhere monochrome. All of it, except on the high tops, disappeared on Thursday without raising river levels too much.

Friend Judith, on holiday in Iceland,  sent me the fantastic photo she had taken of the Aurora Borealis.

Husband was practising with his new camera and captured these lovely photos of a very soggy looking squirrel munching his way through the peanuts (note the discarded outer skins!) and another playing ‘peek-a-boo’ on the sunflower feeder.

We framed some of my felted landscape paintings and I completed a lovely Breanish Tweed shoulder bag. All these are now available from Sula Furnishing.

A wonderful Winter day.

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DSC_1569 DSC_1579 DSC_1575 (1) DSC_1581 DSC_1577 DSC_1585 DSC_1593 DSC_1548DSC_1598 DSC_1558 DSC_1610

A day for being outdoors and playing with the camera, particularly the new-ish Macro lens. Experimenting with blurring techniques and just loving all that sparkly, frosty snow and sunshine. Oh, and the ‘Polar bear’ had such fun being riotous with her pals!!

Then we all went for a lovely walk although the snow was not so enjoyable for us to walk in as it was very soft and sticky. Clogged up the paws very quickly! Except for the one of us who dashes around so fast, all the time, that the paws hardly ever seem to touch the ground!

Numerous planes flying northwards today – most of them heading for the west coast of the U.S.A. – and this one went over just as we got back to the car after our walk. Loved the view of the plane, vapour trail and the moon.

New designs

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DSC_2726 DSC_2733 DSC_2737 DSC_2759

Just a few new projects completed. Actually eight felted landscape paintings now framed and ready to go on sale – they look even better in reality than on the photos! – and several Harris Tweed items including Pussy Cat doorstops and the lovely tote bag which I should quite like to keep if I didn’t already have one. No two items are ever the same, so if you own one of my designs it is unique to you.


A fine day at last.

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DSC02266 DSC02267 DSC02268

This was long before the sun appeared above the hills this morning. Grabbed my little camera for these so the photos don’t do the view or the wonderful light full justice. There is much fresh snow on the high tops and the heavy frost elsewhere has never given all day. By mid morning the village was in thick mist which made it feel even colder. However, we had a lovely dry walk with the dogs even if it was very cold and by mid day the mist had lifted but most of the blue sky was covered in grey, high cloud. This is what the weather should be at this time of year and so there are no complaints. Now just waiting for the temperature to rise slightly and the snow, that is promised for tomorrow, to fall.

Favourite Red Squirrel moments 2015

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DSC02005 DSC02121 DSC01985 DSC_1700 DSC_1680 DSC02253DSC02209 DSC02041DSC_2302DSC01939DSC01840

Some favourite red squirrel moments from 2105. Most photos are taken through the kitchen or conservatory windows but others are taken outdoors when I have managed to sneak out quietly. And they don’t always keep still wherever I am!