Floods and then stars!

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It must be about 20 years since the water was as high as it was today. Seriously heavy rain during the night meant that river levels had risen rapidly by this morning and the water was right across the road to either side of our drive way. The Falls of Dochart were frighteningly spectacular! The river was across the road heading west out of the village and the new build house in the last photo shows you exactly why you should never build on a flood plain.

Then after all the rain and grey, dismal days that seem to have gone on for weeks, I stepped out of the door tonight and the clouds had gone. I had almost forgotten how wonderful it is to be able to see the vast canopy of  stars twinkling above us. Cheered me up no end and I found a poem that I wrote a few years ago.


Stars twinkle like diamonds
in the black velvet sky;
the Moon,
resting on its back,
watches clouds scud by.

Wind in the trees,
branches creak,
stars flash and sparkle,
and the black night speaks
of witches and fairies,
and dreams of silver threads;
the stars are silver lynch pins
as the night-time spider
spins her web.

Satellites track across the sky,
shooting stars pass
in the blink of an eye;
the hum of jet engines and
a light flashing red,
voices unheard, high above your head.

Thoughts are of light years,
and images long gone;
velvet black sky,
and the stars twinkle on.

Squirrel day

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DSC02253 DSC02249 DSC02258

Poor photos because they were taken through the kitchen window on a day that stayed very grey and dull from dawn to dusk. Miserable, but at least it was dry! However, it always cheers us up to see our little red friends. It is quite rare to see three of them at the feeders at the same time. Now and again we have two eating together – very occasionally one on each side of the sunflower seed feeder – but more often than not the one there first will chase the others away. They are still with us every day, which is quite unusual during the winter months when we might just see them every other week. One or two of them are becoming brave and will allow me to step outdoors, to fill up the feeders, and take a few slow steps towards them before they dash off and watch me from the top of the wall.

Santa is on his way!

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Mince pies baked, Christmas cake iced, snow falling steadily during this afternoon’s dog walk, parcels wrapped and now just hoping for a fine, dry Christmas day instead of all this wet stuff that keeps failing from the sky.

Chair transformed

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A favourite chair transformed by a new cushion made with Harris Tweed we purchased in the Outer Hebrides earlier this year. Very pleased with my efforts!


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DSC02237 DSC02236

Yesterday a severe frost. This morning snow and looking very much as if there is more of it about to fall.

Every picture tells a story

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A severe frost last night and it has remained that way all day. However, a perfect day to wrap up against the cold and go for a long walk with the dogs.

Christmas is coming!!

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Rain, rain and more rain. Everywhere is absolutely squelching underfoot but at least we can now see green grass in the field across the river so the level is dropping, slowly. This is nothing though to what all those poor people in Cumbria are having to cope with. Our hearts go out to them.

This morning the temperature has dropped and there is a good covering of fresh snow on the hills, down to about 300m. The squirrels and birds have hardly been away from the feeders and I am filling the sunflower seeds three time s a day at the moment. This squirrel has been out there for quite some time this morning, munching away despite the heavy showers.

Lots of sewing going on with Christmas in mind. Some fancy little padded Christmas trees and Harris Tweed purses. Just about to start some re-upholstery work as the sun makes a very feeble and watery looking attempt to brighten us up and there are small patches of blue sky.