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After the days of rain, rain, rain, the snow is rather a welcome sight. Big, fat snow flakes falling steadily for an hour, so far. Two squirrels here this morning, when it was barely light, breakfasting on the sunflower seeds, followed by a frenzy of birds who have now emptied the feeder.

This squirrel, who appeared about 10 minutes ago, is a regular – we know this by the fact that it is the only one that hangs upside down from the peanut feeder to eat the nuts. The end of his/her tail is now very white!


Time goes slowly!

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The weather has been yuk! Wet, wet, wet with infrequent dry spells when we try to fit in dog walking. So we have been busy with other things to pass the time.

Two of four new clocks – Lewis Shieling and Heather Moor – made with Harris Tweed, that have gone on sale at Sula furnishing this week.

Still waters

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A grey day on Monday but the reflections on Loch Earn were mirror like. Not a breath of wind to ripple the water.

New design

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Special orders in beautiful Harris Tweed. More Passport Holders available from Sula Furnishing as are my latest unique draft excluders.