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I think the colours say it all.

Rusty red squirrels

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We have red squirrels with us all day, every day, at the moment. Dashing here, dashing there, digging here, digging there! Burying nuts in our lawn. bad enough the dogs digging the lawn up without the squirrels helping them. There is no chance at all of these little red furry creatures remembering where they have buried all those nuts. A new lens for my camera enables me to get some good close up photos of them from just a few feet away.

50 years ago today

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50 years ago today, 27th September 1965, signalled the end of the Killin Branch Railway and the closure of the Callander to Oban railway, 6 weeks premature,  after a landslide in Glen Ogle blocked the track. Opened in 1886 the line from Killin to Killin Junction, where passengers could join the Callander to Oban line, had served the village of Killin very well. The little trains carried freight, tourists and village residents back and forward and the views were spectacular.

Today the central platform at Killin Junction remains, abandoned, in the midst of a forest of conifers. The overgrown track beds still providing a popular route-way for walkers. However, 50 years on the railway cottage is being brought back to life, very sympathetically, and the little train can still be seen steaming its way along the line.

Autumn pearls

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One of those misty Autumn mornings when there are ‘pearls’ to be seen everywhere. There were carpets of spiders’ webs all over the grass and pearls of moisture covering every surface.

Colours and textures

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Just back from another wonderful trip to the Outer Hebrides. So many different varying colours and textures to catch the eye and you can see these reflected in the designs of beautiful Harris Tweeds.