Becoming braver.

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I ventured outside, very quietly, the other day and snapped squirrel without him/her ever noticing me. This morning he/she saw me through the conservatory window and I could almost imagine him/her saying to itself, “Now what is she up to.” However, our little furry friend was so intent on eating the peanuts that I sneaked quietly outside again and took these four photos of ‘Rusty’ (male or female?). He/she moved to the feeder in the front garden but is back on the actual squirrel feeder again.

Busy bee

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Look closely and you can see this busy little Bumble bee’s furry bits covered in tiny specks of pollen.

Squirrel mania!

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We have an abundance of squirrel visitors at the moment and are able to identify different ones by the colouring of their tail and their body.  The squirrels in the first two photos and the last photo have distinctly different tail and body colouring. We have also noticed that some come just for a drink and then dash off again.

Close ups!

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DSC_1670 DSC_1650


A bold fly but can you spot the other two?