Close up views!

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DSC_1639DSC_1643 DSC_1600 DSC_1606 DSC_1611 copy 1 DSC_1611 copy DSC_1621 DSC_1626 DSC_1631

Birthday surprise was a Macro lens for my new camera. Been out in the garden practising with it for the first time today. Tricky to get things just right but I am quite pleased with these.

Recent projects

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DSC_1548 DSC_1529 DSC_1558DSC_1580DSC_1582


A sample of my recent projects – bags, doorstops, cushions – all using beautiful tweeds from the Outer Hebrides.

The wonderful sheep fabric is from Voyage and I have made several cushion covers with it. I just love the subtle colours.

Picnic Mat – luxury, water repellent tweed and waxed cotton. Hope this is a winner! As with all my tweed products they are on sale exclusively at SULA.

Double trouble!

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DSC02005 DSC02011 DSC02012 DSC02014Can’t remember ever seeing two on the feeder at the same time. This morning, these two were both small and very playful. They chased each other up and down the trellis, in and out of the everlasting sweet pea, into the bird bath, over the water butt, up the house wall and then one dashed off to race up and down and around some of the taller shrubs whilst the other returned to play on the feeder before settling down to a second breakfast!

Flora and fauna

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DSC01985 IMG_0781 IMG_0784 DSC02001 IMG_0788

These beautiful orchids have suddenly appeared in their usual spot on one of of our walk routes. There are lots of them and more seem to appear each time we visit.

Spotted this Golden-ringed Dragonfly by the side of the track – it was motionless other than its wings were vibrating rapidly. Clear, crisp colours.

Then there are our little red furry friends! I managed to get fairly close to the little one, who has now taken to ‘hiding’ in the longer grass to munch the sunflower seeds. The miserable weather (and we are having plenty of that!) seems to bring them to the feeders more often and they are easy to photograph through the conservatory windows, despite the reflections.

A warm walk!

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IMG_0768 IMG_0769 IMG_0770 IMG_0774 IMG_0772 IMG_0776 IMG_0777


A warm and sunny day – one of few that we have had this ‘Summer’. We had a lovely walk this morning along a favourite route for all of us. The wild flowers are just wonderful right now and the scent in the air at one spot was amazing.

The dogs love the water and this wee stream is a favourite place for a quick paddle and a lie down. The oldest had peace and quiet to enjoy it for a few seconds before junior dived in and they both got soaked, hence the ‘smiling’ expression on their faces just before they shook themselves. The middle dog came along and it was a bit crowded ‘in the bath’! After that they all had a great game of follow-the-leader through the water, up and over the little bridge and back down the other side and into the water again. Great fun. We refer to this little bridge as the ‘thyme bridge’ all year around and you can see why. The surface of the stones is covered at present with a blanket of wild thyme and it is beautiful. So many other little flowers in full bloom that we are easily distracted and the walk sometimes comes to a halt as we inspect their beauty and the variations in colour.


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DSC01957 DSC01962 DSC01967

Two of my favourite flowers that are in the garden at the moment. A beautiful white and pale green flowered clematis, Clematis ‘Henryi’, that is climbing its way up through the honeysuckle which is about to flower, and an ice cool peony, ‘Shirley Temple’, ┬áthat has ┬áthe most delicate pink colouring in the outer petals and a deeper pink edge to some of the central ones.

Later mornings!

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DSC01944 DSC01948 DSC01951 DSC01952 DSC01954

Whilst we were having our breakfast the little squirrel was back under the table eating its fill of all the sunflower seeds that the Chaffinches hurl to the ground without eating. Then it came up to the table for a drink before dashing up the trellis and off into the undergrowth again.

Soon after a young Chaffinch, that was being fed by her mother, decided to investigate the water. Initially she seemed rather surprised by her own reflection but then moved around the edge of the dish and then plopped in. She had a wonderful bath and then posed before mother came with more food and off they both flew.

Early mornings!

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The sun was shining this morning – we haven’t seen it for some days! All that glorious sunshine and warmth that the deep south has been experiencing has never reached this far north. All we have had is dull, damp, warm, midge weather. So this morning it cheered me up no end to see the sun. Needless to say, it did not remain visible for long and we are already back to grey dampness and it isn’t even 8.00a.m.. However, much earlier I was delighted to see two of our little red squirrel friends at the feeders. This one has the most beautiful cream coloured tail and he/she was enjoying a drink after breakfast before dashing off across the lawn, up and over the bonfire pile, on to the high wall that surrounds the garden, speeding along the top of that and then racing away up the hill to the big trees. Fortunately, I was just able to grab a photo, through the conservatory window, before he/she raced off.

Meanwhile, under the patio table was a very small squirrel. It has appeared at the feeders over the past few days and he/she is quite tiny compared to this one in the photo and the others that come to feed. The small squirrel is very ‘red’ and very inquisitive. Yesterday I watched it leave the feeders and then explore the trellis, the water butt, the drainpipe, and the house wall before dashing off to the side gate and then having another quick dash up the house wall before zooming off into the Wisteria and beyond. It was back later in the day and seemed to be enjoying a game of racing up and down the trellis and in and out of the everlasting sweet pea that covers most of it.

They are such wonderful little creatures and we never tire of watching them and feel very privileged that they come to the garden so often.

More flowers!

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Another tray of colourful flowers ‘picked’ today from a very soggy garden where the midges are out in their thousands!

Basket of flowers

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Lovely Harris Tweed flowers just ‘picked’ from our garden! Ready to go on sale.