Tweed clocks

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Three new clocks in conjunction with

The unframed one is inspired by one of Ian Lawson’s photographs – “Shieling – Pentland Road, Isle of Lewis’ – in his book ‘From The Land Comes The Cloth’.

Leftover pieces of fabric, from other Harris Tweed projects, are used for the faces of all three clocks.

A day in the garden

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Very windy this morning so I took refuge in the conservatory and have been potting on all the bedding plants. Hundreds of them!

The garden is ‘blooming’ lovely at the moment, with all sorts of plants in flower or about to do so. The Clematis alpina “Ruby” is particularly good this year, despite its climbing frame suffering somewhat from the ravages of Winter. The Pulsatillas and Soldanellas are flowering in the troughs and the Trilliums are fantastic all over the garden. The double white is very special to see in flower – difficult to propagate and keep alive. The Fritillaries have done really well and I love the way the flowers on this one look like bells. They are a rather boring dark purple on the outside but inside they are yellow green with the typical purple patterning of the species. What is really beautiful at this time of year is the huge variation in the green colouring of the all the leaves.

Out and about

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Out and about today and we managed a complete dog walk without getting wet! In fact, it was gloriously sunny for a couple of hours before the hailstones came down again. The high tops are all white, again, with a fresh covering of snow. We love this series of little waterfalls and the dogs love it too. They dash straight in and have great fun exploring all the pools. The water was sparkling with ‘diamonds’ today.

Then we went on a mission to locate this giant tree for an acquaintance who is putting together a book on old trees. Not far from the giant Sequoia we found this group of seven very old trees, planted in a circle. They are some type of conifer but we couldn’t identify the tree type.  A real tangle of branches, many of which touched the ground.


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A friend has re-upholstered this lovely chair and I have just finished covering the seat cushion for her, as she does not like doing that bit.

Currently looking very smart in our lounge but won’t be there much longer!

Squirrel day!

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The miserable weather continues – rain, cold, rain, rain ………… Desperate to get on in the garden but the ground is so wet and cold that nothing would grow.

Glimpses of sunshine today between longer spells of rain. The squirrels are back again and this little chap/lady was on the feeder this afternoon.

Beautiful glossy fur and a much lighter tip to its tail.


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Just sorting out some quilts that I might loan for a local fundraising quilt & flower festival later this year. They have been folded up and put away for a while, so all in need of a good ironing!

The two ‘star’ quilts have a story to tell – a long story, in that I began them (originally with one quilt in mind) in 1978 after an inspirational visit to Canada. Over the years the pieces would come out and I would look at them and perhaps add some more shapes/panels and then they would be put away again. Then in the Winter of 2012/13 I decided that it was really time that I finished the quilt. And I did but it became two! Other than the pink and blue material around the edge of the large star, all the fabrics used were left over pieces from items of clothing that I made in the 1970s.

The vortex quilt was inspired after a visit to a quilt show where I saw one on display. It took ages to work out how to form the vortex, how many fabric colours to use etc. but with a bit of help from husband we worked out the degrees for each panel. I then had great fun choosing the fabrics, then carefully cutting out all the strips before very accurately stitching them together. So pleased with the result, and with plenty of material left over, I made another one! I then used the smaller, narrow panels, that were left over from cutting out the larger ones, to make half vortex shapes and turned them into cushion covers.

I just loved the Japanese fabrics and bought them before I decided what to do with them. The two small wall hangings were the result. I incorporated some different techniques to create the chrysanthemum and the letter.