Two weeks in August

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Diary for the second half of August begins with placing the Bible and Bible bag (now beautifully repaired and conserved), both of which belonged to Beatrix, wife of the founder of Innerpeffray Library, into the specially commissioned storage and display boxes sponsored by my husband and I. The beautiful boxes were made for us by a bookbinder and box maker on North Uist.

The next event was our 50th wedding anniversary. We looked so young then!! Little did we imagine that fifty years on we would be living only six miles from the village where we spent our honeymoon. We are not the celebration type of people, and didn’t/don’t feel ready to venture out yet to a restaurant for a meal ( with Covid still lurking round every corner), so we took a picnic and had a lovely day out in highland Perthshire.

We inherited a pond with a former waterfall feature when we moved to this house. Having decided to not reinstate the waterfall we are turning it into a rockery by planting into some of the rock crevices and adding two small troughs. A work in progress, with more additions/alterations to follow. We acquired several autumn gentian plants to put in the troughs and are delighting in the variations of the blooms.

I have been researching some 18th century female borrowers at the library and it is always a delight to look at the books these people were reading. ‘La Sainte Bible’ has such wonderful illustrations on the first page.

Out on our dog walks I am always looking at the plants. Masses of fluffy thistle seed-heads everywhere along the field edges at the moment. We came across this old, variegated holly tree with peculiar pale yellow suckers all over it, some leaves with delicate tinges of other colours. And then back to our garden and the magnificent display of Japanese anemones that are currently delighting us.